Tom Dozier provided council and

August 17, 2023
My son was 9 when
September 9, 2023

Tom Dozier provided council and

Tom Dozier provided council and support for me during one of the most difficult periods of my life. At a time when I was floating in a vast sea of unknown feelings and emotional issues, Mr. Dozier and the Misophonia Institute provided a beacon of light on a buoy in the middle of that dark ocean. The hour-long consultation I had with him started me on a journey of healing. After using all the resources I could find at Misophonia Institute, I was guided to other wonderful counselors and information that opened my eyes, and also put me in touch with a whole community of support and fellow sojourners. We have all learned much since that first contact, and there is now a wealth of information and greater awareness of Misophonia. Tom Dozier was a crucial part of that, and we wouldn’t be as far along in our understanding if it weren’t for his drive to find answers and help sufferers of this strange and horrible condition.

Ellen Michnovicz

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