Relief After 70 Years

Virginia developed misophonia before she can remember. She had very severe triggers to family members which included crunching, singing, and gum chewing. Using the Neural Repatterning Treatment with the Trigger Tamer app (and guidance by Tom Dozier), she eliminated her most bothersome two triggers. This has changed her life! Her Misophonia Questionnaire Survey composite score (a measure miso severity) has dropped from 46 at the start down to 16 four months later. Her miso severity score when she stopped working with the Trigger Tamer app was only 4. That is virtually no concern about misophonia.

Here is what she wrote about the Trigger Tamer and the treatment. “I am using the Trigger Tamer now and am AMAZED at how effective the homework has been for me. I didn’t think this kind of improvement would be possible, because I have suffered with Misophonia all my life. The App is great if used the way Tom directs. I found that I need weekly conversations by phone with him because so many questions (and stumbling blocks)

Misophonia success

Overcoming misophonia

come up and he can keep me going in the right direction. I’m really sure that the adjustments and challenges that Tom gave me over the weeks and his understanding of my situation made the whole process work this well. I have pretty much conquered three triggers and am beginning to work on the last one.”
Virginia visited Tom in his office and talked about her experience with the NRT treatment and the Trigger Tamer app.


This following video was recorded a few months later when Virginia came back and talked about her experience overcoming the gum chewing trigger by family members.

Misophonia and the Trigger Tamer app

Misophonia virtually gone.






*Past client of Tom Dozier who agreed to share their story. (solicited)