Relaxation and Counterconditioning Therapy

Relaxation and Counterconditioning Therapy (RCT) was developed for misophonia by Tom Dozier.  Tom routinely provides RCT by video-chat (telehealth).  The video below shows the results of a number of patients that responded well to this treatment.

Learning to relax your muscles has many benefits, especially to individuals that also suffer from anxiety.  People do not naturally develop the skill of relaxing muscles on demand.  You can develop this skill using the free Misophonia Muscle Relaxation Training app available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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Relaxation and Counterconditioning Therapy (RCT)

  • Education on misophonia reflexes
  • Relaxation training – skill development
  • Counterconditioning
    • Real-life triggers –> Reduce misophonia reflexes
    • Happy activities and very weak triggers
  • Avoid prolonged misophonia distress
  • Ongoing support