Relaxation and Counterconditioning Therapy (RCT) by Tom Dozier

(RCT) – An effective treatment for misophonia.

  • Education on misophonia reflexes
  • Relaxation training – skill development
  • Counterconditioning
  • Avoid prolonged misophonia distress
  • Ongoing support

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Nate Mitchell

Dr. Nate Mitchell (licensed psychologist) now provides an intensive 1-week misophonia treatment program.  He also provides a multi-week program for local misophonia patients.

Dr. Mitchell provides a treatment protocol he developed specifically for misophonia which he calls Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - Misophonia (CBTM).  The treatment incorporates many aspects of traditional CBT and Relaxation and Counterconditioning Therapy (RCT), the latter (RCT) is provided by Tom Dozier via telehealth to many individuals.


Free Misophonia Muscle Relaxation Training App

Develop the skill of relaxing your muscles on demand. 

You feel better and your misophonia decays.

Misophonia Muscle Relaxation Training App

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Where is Your Initial Physical Reflex of Misophonia?

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Headphones For Misophonia

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Most Comprehensive and Accurate Book on Misophonia

Understanding and Overcoming Misophonia, 2nd edition, released on March 16, 2017.  Order you copy now at Amazon (available in paperback). It will soon be available on Kindle,,, ibooks, and distributed by Ingram to bookstores worldwide.

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Welcome to M.T.I

The Misophonia Treatment Institute was organized in October 2013 with Tom Dozier as the director. The MTI is a vitual institution. It is comprised of many misophonia treatment providers around the world. Although Tom Dozier has focused on developing behavioral treatments such as Relaxation and Counterconditioning Therapy (RCT) and the Neural Repatterning Technique (NRT), MTI recognizes that there are several forms of misophonia treatment that have been effective for individuals.

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