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  • I suffered with misophonia for 35 years.  After receiving the Sequent Repatterning hypnotherapy treatment from Chris Pearson, I no longer got angry when triggered. What a wonderful improvement.  But I still felt my muscles flinch all over my body when I heard a trigger, so I worked with Tom Dozier using the Trigger Tamer app.  After a month, I almost never felt any reaction to my old triggers.  Now, after 5 months, I can say that i don't experience any symptoms of misophonia - none!  I don't react to my old triggers at all.  I can hardly express how wonderful it is to be free from misophonia after all those years. (solicited comment from a former client, who received Sequent Repatterning from Chris Pearson and treatment with the Trigger Tamer app from Tom Dozier)
  • I have been working with Tom Dozier on treatment for my misophonia for over a year now and have made substantial improvement on not being overwhelmed by my triggers. I have been dealing with this problem for over 44 years and working with Tom has yielded the first positive results that I have had. He truly understands the problem, unlike the many other therapists and doctors I have seen who just trumped it up to OCD or being a "neurotic woman." Thanks so much Tom Dozier! (unsolicited comment from former client, who received misophonia treatment from Tom Dozier)
    South Carolina
  • We see situations where before the treatment she would have lost control so to speak, and after the treatment handled it in a much more civilized manner. I think we are still in a state of disbelief. She is using her open ear headphones at the dinner table, and is able to join in conversations. I think we are a bit in awe of the results. Absolutely thrilled, don't get me wrong, but in awe none the less. (solicited comment from former client.  The mother and father received parent coaching help with Tom Dozier and their daughter received treatment for misophonia from Tom Dozier and Dr. Scott Sessions)    
    Parents of a child with misophonia (solicited comment)

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The Misophonia Treatment Institute was organized in October 2013 with Tom Dozier as the director. The MTI is a vitual institution. It is comprised of many misophonia treatment providers around the world. Although Tom Dozier has focused on developing the misophonia NRT treatment, MTI recognizes that there are several forms of misophonia treatment that have been effective for individuals.

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