This app makes it easy to experience a greatly modified and reduced trigger, while you are having a very positive experience listening to music or doing another activity.  This experience allows your response to triggers to slowly decrease.

You should adjust the trigger to create a minimal reaction. As your brain experiences the very mild trigger along with a positive experience, you brain can change.  This is the result of neuroplasticity or the abililty of our brains to adapt and change.

Using this app should always be a HAPPY TIME.  Do not push it!  If you make the trigger unpleasant, your brain will not change.

For tutorials, click the links below.
The Android version is very similar to the iPhone version, but does look a bit different.

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Creating a Playlist –
Creating a Trigger –
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Treatment Options –
Effective Treatments –
Recording and Editing Triggers –

For personal help, see Misophonia Treatment by Tom Dozier

There are other treatments for misophonia.  Contact Tom Dozier for more information on treatment options for misophonia.  email


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