Tom has helped me immensely
August 13, 2023
Tom Dozier provided council and
September 9, 2023


IF YOU HAVE MISO! – Schedule a couple of sessions with Tom Dozier. You owe it to yourself and you owe it to your family. (I posted in Facebook group, Misophonia Treatment and Management, and repeat it here).

How much would you give to be free of miso? How much would you give to cut it in half, by any amout? I’ve known about Tom and his work for years but didn’t reach out until I was at a rock-bottom break point. I’d put in a lot of work to try and shake Miso, and read several books including “The brain that changes itself” and “Soft-wired”, which are great books that prove that you can be cured of miso. I was motivated and put in the work and tried to do it on my own and couldn’t. Tom helped me over the hump to make a positive change. Tom is gentle, caring, kind, compassionate, understanding, and just an upstanding person. You need help, and Tom is a wonderful person to start with.

If you are serious about trying to heal yourself and are willing to put in the work. It’s work! It’s not easy. But if your freaking tired of Miso like I was, it’s worth the effort. You can find Tom Dozier and his information at https://misophoniainstitute.org/

Thank you Tom Dozier for helping me. I’m not 100% there, but I just sat down and played board games with my family and my daughter was eating pistachios and I still had a wonderful time.

Aaron W.

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