Ear Plugs

Ear Plugs can be very beneficial for sleeping at night, or silence when you need to concentrate.  They are not recommended for prolonged daytime use.  For super trigger blocking, you can use a pair of earplugs and over the ear headphones on maximum volume.  Mack’s silicone ear plugs fill the outer part of the ear, much like an ear plug for swimmers.  You can use a small pinch of one of these earplugs to slighty dampen the sound of chewing.  This works great for some people, and it’s invisible.


Mack’s Pillow Soft Silicone Earplugs – 6 Pair, Value Pack – The Original Moldable Silicone Putty Ear Plugs for Sleeping, Snoring, Swimming, Travel, Concerts and Studying


  • THE ORIGINAL AND #1 SELLING – USA’s original and #1 selling moldable silicone ear plugs. Provides safe, non-toxic, non-allergenic waterproof protection and protects hearing from loud noises.
  • THE ULTIMATE IN EARPLUG COMFORT – Mack’s soft moldable silicone putty molds very comfortably to the unique contours of any ear. These multi-use earplugs are great for sleeping, snoring, swimming, studying, bathing, travel, loud events, concerts, flying discomfort, motorcycles, etc. Lab tested and proven to help relieve airplane ear pressure and pain due to flying.
  • #1 BRAND FOR SNORING – Mack’s is the #1 Doctor Recommended Brand to get a good night’s sleep when sleeping with a snoring spouse. Mack’s Earplugs have been saving marriages since 1962.
  • #1 BRAND FOR PREVENTING EAR INFECTIONS – Mack’s is the #1 Doctor Recommended Brand to help prevent swimmer’s ear infections (otitis externa). Safe for use with ear tubes. Provides protection after ear surgeries. Also helps prevent Surfer’s Ear (exostosis). Mack’s are so trusted, they are the Official Earplugs of USA Swimming!
  • #1 BRAND USED BY DOCTORS – Mack’s is the #1 brand of moldable silicone earplugs personally used by doctors. Mack’s original soft silicone putty formula provides a better, more comfortable fit and seal than custom molded ear plugs. These ear plugs are MADE IN THE USA and carry a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 22 decibels.

3M Ear Plugs, 30 Pairs/Box, E-A-R Classic 310-1060, Uncorded, Disposable, Foam, NRR 29, For Drilling, Grinding, Machining, Sawing, Sanding, Welding, 1 Pair/Pillow Pack, Yellow,

  • 30 pair, NRR 29, pillow packs
  • 3M E-A-R Classic Earplugs 310-1060, Uncorded in Pillow Pack (1 pair per pillow pack, 30 pair per box)

3M Ear Plugs, 200 Pairs/Box, E-A-R Classic 312-1201, Uncorded, Disposable, Foam, NRR 29, For Drilling, Grinding, Machining, Sawing, Sanding, Welding, 1 Pair/Poly Bag


  • 200 pair, NRR 29, polybagged, boxed
  • NPR 29.

E-A-R by 3M 10080529100525 310-1103 Classic Small Disposable Foam Uncorded Earplugs, Small (Pack of 200)


  • Slow-recovery foam helps ensure comfort and minimize pressure.
  • Bright yellow color provides a quick visual compliance check.
  • Small Size, 200 pair, NRR 29, polybagged.

3M Ear Plugs, 200 Pairs/Box, E-A-R Classic Plus 310-1101, Uncorded, Disposable, Foam, NRR 33, For Drilling, Grinding, Machining, Sawing, Sanding, Welding, Slightly Longer Ear Plug, 1 Pair/Pillow Pack


  • 200 pair, NRR 33, pillow packs, boxed.
  • NPR 33.
  • 3M E-A-R Classic Plus Uncorded Earplugs, Hearing Conservation 310-1101 in Pillow Pack

3M E-A-R Classic Earplugs 310-1001, Uncorded in Pillow Pack – MS92100 (1 Box)


  • 200 pair, NRR 29, pillow packs, boxed.
  • NRR 29.
  • Flame retardant.
  • Pillow Packs may be reused for convenience and storage.
  • Moisture resistant will not absorb moisture and swell.
  • Fast Shipping so buy with confidence !!