Misophonia Trigger Apps

One of the beauties of the digital age is how so many resources are at our fingertips, whether it’s information about a distinct condition like Misophonia or learning ways to adapt to it using Misophonia trigger apps. There are a variety of scenarios in life unique to your condition, and it can be immeasurably helpful to have some extra tools in your arsenal to help you navigate them.

That’s what Misophonia trigger apps are designed to do. Whether it’s giving a preliminary diagnosis of the condition, or giving you trigger tamers to help you utilize the Neural Repatterning Technique that is often used to help Misophonia patients live better and learn to control and eventually reprogram their brain’s adverse responses to specific trigger sounds.

What a world we live in, where such brain training technology and therapy is available to users at the touch of a button. The Misophonia Treatment Institute is glad to support the use of such easy to access apps for the benefit of patients.