My son was 9 when

Tom Dozier provided council and
September 9, 2023
Tom Dozier diagnosed my daughter
September 21, 2023

My son was 9 when

My son was 9 when we found Tom’s book. He had issues with the sound of people eating, chewing gum, and dishes scraping. We went to therapists, pshycologists, and brain balance to try to get him to stop screaming and running out of the room every time he heard a noise. He could no longer eat with the family and there was a lot of stress and yelling.

After finding the book, we were able to identify what Misophonia actually was. We had never heard of it before. We called and spoke with Tom one time and he showed us the trigger tamer app, explained what it was, and how to help the condition. We discovered his trigger muscles were his shoulders.

We noticed a 50% decrease in outbursts within 1 week, and 95% within 6 months of working on it. We are now 3 years later and we forget he even has MIsophonia these days. He functions 100% under all conditions and stresses. Occasionally there will be a couple times he notices sounds of people eating, and when he does, we can always open the app and beat it back.

It has been an absolute lifesaver working with Tom’s system, I can’t imagine life if we didn’t discover it. I am convinced this is the only solution to this condition.


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