Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral Therapy for mispohonia has been reported to be generally effective in helping reduce misophonia symptoms. We have heard of Congnitive Behavioral Thearpy (CBT), but this is simply behavioral activities and exclude the congitive restructuring and attempts to find, confront, and fix a client’s negative thought patterns.

The components of Behavioral Therapy for misophonia include 1) understanding the emotional and physical reflexes of misophonia and 2) determining your unique physical refleses to your triggers. We call this your Initial Physical Response. Everyone with misophonia has their own, unique set of physical responses, which may be the same or different for different types of triggers.

The third component of Behavioral Therapy is 3) good misophonia management to avoid misophonia distress which causes misophonia to become more severe. People with misphonia have often tried to get tough with their misophonia and stay in a triggering situation until the misphonia goes away. The problem is that it does not “go away” but becomes more severe by increasing the physical and emotional reflexes, and allowing new triggers to develop. To reduce your misophonia, you need to be strategic, and “get tough” by enduring misophonia triggers.

The fourth component of Behavioral Therapy for misphonia is 4) muscle relaxation training using progressive muscle relaxation. Learning to relax your muscles takes practice. It is a muscle skill, like playing the piano or kicking a ball. You can only develop a muscle skill with practice. Once the develop the ability to control your muscles then the next part of treatment is 5) learning to relax quickly around triggers.

Other aspects of Behavioral Therapy for misophonia includes using the 6) Neural Repatterning Technique to reduce the misophonia reflex response, 7) learning to focus your attention away from triggers, and for younger children, 8) “Trigger Games” to reduce the fundamental misophonic reflexes.

If you are interested in receiving Behavioral Therapy for misophonia, contact Tom Dozier for help. This treatment can be and is provided by video-chat, worldwide.

Sequent Repatterning Hypnotherapy

In many cases, especially with severe misophonia, Sequent Repatterning Hypnotherapy can be a excellent compliment to Behavioral Therapy for misophonia.