Tom was the first and

Misophonia wreaked havoc on my
June 2, 2023
When my daughter was eight
June 5, 2023

Tom was the first and

Tom was the first and ONLY person to validate Misophonia ‘s Existence!!!!
I thought I was losing my mind and could not not find anyone to help my son. I talked first with my Pediatrician, who recommended a Psychiatrist, an ENT Dr. who wanted to do a hearing test and my Family Counselor who said there wasn’t an ICD code for this.
Basically I was completely discounted, people scratched their heads and said “I don’t know”.
Tom was the only person who gave me any hope and ideas on how to help my son, I
I signed up to get his emails and still do to this day and find that because of him and his work am able to provide support and information to others.
Thank you Tom!!!

Pamela Myers

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