My daughter started experience misophonia

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June 17, 2023
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July 13, 2023

My daughter started experience misophonia

My daughter started experience misophonia symptoms when she was eight years old. We didn’t understand what it was or how to help her. She would easily get frustrated and angry with some of her classmates because their breathing/sniffling . Our family dinners were quite stressful for everyone around the table. The suffering for her and for us, her parents, was very REAL. It affected our everyday life in many ways.

We started to do some online research to understand how to help her, and were able to identify the problem. Later, Tom Dozier’s book really helped us to understand more what we are dealing with. However, at that time, we were not able to find a reliable treatment for her and were feeling quite desperate. Two years ago I happened to watch a youtube video, Tom Dozier was conducting an interview with a lady in her seventies who was able to get rid of her symptoms (she had misophonia since she was two years old!), or at least, not suffer much any more, thanks to Tom’s treatment method! That interview gave us a new hope and we simply had to try it! At this point our daughter was already a junior in high school.

We had several zoom meetings with Tom; and I am still surprised and impressed how seemingly easy his method put an end to her and our suffering! I wish we had started earlier than we did! Our daughter had a very socially and academically happy, senior year. Misophonia is no longer a factor in her daily life. It has not completely disappeared but that’s because she was not motivated enough to continue to work on it. She is headed to college this coming fall, and will start to live in a dorm. In case she starts to have some new triggers (which is possible), she thinks Tom gave her tools to deal with it!

We are really grateful. Tom was a blessing to our family!

Nara Graber
June 22, 2023.

Nara Graber

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