I’ve struggled with misophonia since

When I came to Tom
March 6, 2023
I saw Tom awhile ago
March 10, 2023

I’ve struggled with misophonia since

I’ve struggled with misophonia since I was 12 and I’m 25 now. Like many people with misophonia, its had a (huge) negative impact on my life. After years of trying to figure out what was wrong with me, finding Tom on YouTube was a huge blessing and relief. I’ve only worked with him 3 times but my gosh, it was so helpful. I have hope that my misophonia can be gone completely or at least 80-90% gone one day. I just haven’t taken the time to take it seriously and do the work. I know I have to stay consistent with him. His methods are incredible and make sense. I still can’t believe he exists because misophonia is SO rarely talked about let alone studied. Tom is also a great guy in general. I’ve thanked god in prayer for finding Tom many times. He is wise, patient, and simply a likable person! He explains everything so well! Just writing this, I’m wondering why I haven’t worked with him recently.— I need to go back. Every time I have to go somewhere without headphones I think of Tom and the exercises. He is doing so good for people. He could also be helping people’s hearing in the long run because wearing headphones 24/7 is so harsh and draining on the ears. Anyways thank you Tom, I’m going to be scheduling an appointment soon!

Sierra R

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