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March 3, 2023
When I came to Tom
March 6, 2023

I came to know about

I came to know about Tom Dozier from a counselor when I mentioned my noise sensitivity and immediately bought Tom’s book. I quickly discovered, from reading testimonials, that I had Misophonia. Upon my first appointment with Tom, I knew that I had found someone to help me. Tom was very well educated in this subject and I appreciated his calm and direct approach. For years, and actually longer as I discovered after meeting with Tom, I have been someone who was very easily triggered by noise but it was my reactions to the noise that were out of control. I would spin in a world of anger, anxiety, and negative thoughts. I felt absolutely trapped; dreading coming home as the loud neighbors’ footsteps, stereo, and cabinets slamming were inevitable. Or not wanting to go to my sister’s house because of her dogs barking and the noise made from her drinking water. Or the animosity I was beginning to feel towards my husband when he bit his nails or stomped around the house. But the worst part was that it all felt as if this was happening to me and that this was everyone else’s fault, that I had no control. I would think, if everyone could just be quiet, my life would be perfect.

It was time for action. My Misophonia was affecting my personal life in a large way. Because of me, we sold our condo and moved into the woods to get away from my triggers, and I couldn’t help but feel so guilty for changing my families lives for this thing that I couldn’t control. I didn’t know there was help for this but am I forever glad I found it. My first visit with Tom was emotional, unearthing all of my triggers which made me feel even more broken. But as always, Tom made me feel normal and always reminded me that there was help but that I had to put in the work, which I did and I still do to this day, but just not as often- maintenance work I call it. There is no lobotomy required, actually it is pretty simple, almost too simple. Retraining your brain! I love this approach. I would visualize the dendrites reforming into calmer more manageable pathways and just the thought of me taking control of this thing that I thought controlled me was pretty powerful.

I now enter situations calm and without fear. Yes, I occasionally have triggers but I quickly squash them by using my relaxing techniques. My husband at times gets anxious, wondering what will upset me and is now pleasantly surprised when I say, what noise?
I will forever be grateful to Tom for helping me and I am so thankful that he is here to help others in need.

Katherine Kerner

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