February 7, 2015
June 7, 2018

I would like to say thank you to Tom Dozier for working with me for the past several week with my misophonia. I have found that through several discussions on the workings of the brain, and body during a misophonic event that I have been able to approach myself in healthier ways. Tom has shared with me different coping mechanisms not only in regards to a trigger, but in my relationships with other people, and how to approach uncomfortable encounters during a trigger.

While I have found some difficulty in finding time to use the Trigger Tamer app, a tool used in the miso treatment, I have also found that the conditioning from the amount that I have used it, in conjunction with the talks, perception shifts, education, and good communication has resulted in some positive changes for me.

I rarely feel the rage during a trigger now. I still do experience triggers, and yes at times they are intense, but the emotional component is far more manageable than it was before. It feels like the rage has calmed, and now I have mostly fear/panic/anxiety.

One helpful tip Tom gave me that I can think of is changing my language. A sound, or image does not enrage me; it triggers me. A trigger is not the same as being enraged. Thank you again!

Also, I maintain what I always say, good diet is better for us as well. Qi Gong, Thai Chi, other Martial Arts, Yoga, nature….all very good for us.
* Solicited comment from a former client of Tom Dozier.  Tom provided behavioral consultation for this individual.


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