Treatment Providers

Current (known) effective treatments include

1. Video-chat treatment – Tom Dozier for assessment/education/management techniques/treatment-options and behavioral treatments

2. Hypnotherapists – Sequent Repatterning – A new hope for misophonia treatment

3. Therapists trained in Neural Repatterning Technique.

4. Audiologists

5. Psychologists and Therapists (CBT/DBT).  These are therapists familiar with misophonia.

6. Neurofeedback

Some treatments that have occasionally be reported as helpful (but do not have repeated, predictable effects) include

  • Traditional Hypnosis (except for Sequent Repatterning, which is having predictable results)
  • Chiropractic
  • Medication

As we get more information on conditions which led to positive reduction of misophonia symptoms, we will report them on this site.