1. Don says:

    [text from testimonial video available on his page]
    I’m Don and I and my wife Sole have been working with Tom Dozier for the last 2 months doing parenting counseling, principally with and for my daughter Mila who does have misophonia. I just wanted to record this quick video giving a shout out to Tom. He’s done an incredible job with us helping us to navigate and understand misophonia as well as just typical best practices for parenting. Tom’s background was an engineer and he seems to take that type of analytical style but melds it with a compassion and a patience to explain to us the best strategies and have us implement the strategies and follow up with the strategies. I can just say that our relationship and the quality of life that we enjoy now with Mila and our son Ian has been phenomenal and I wholeheartedly recommend Tom’s Services. I think Tom is at the forefront of parenting as well as misophonia. I’ve done a lot of research over the years in parenting and so forth, and he brings a fresh insight and strategies I’ve never even heard of that are just so effective. So if you’re considering using Tom, don’t consider just do it. You will be thankful you did.

  2. Katherine Kerner says:

    I came to know about Tom Dozier from a counselor when I mentioned my noise sensitivity and immediately bought Tom’s book. I quickly discovered, from reading testimonials, that I had Misophonia. Upon my first appointment with Tom, I knew that I had found someone to help me. Tom was very well educated in this subject and I appreciated his calm and direct approach. For years, and actually longer as I discovered after meeting with Tom, I have been someone who was very easily triggered by noise but it was my reactions to the noise that were out of control. I would spin in a world of anger, anxiety, and negative thoughts. I felt absolutely trapped; dreading coming home as the loud neighbors’ footsteps, stereo, and cabinets slamming were inevitable. Or not wanting to go to my sister’s house because of her dogs barking and the noise made from her drinking water. Or the animosity I was beginning to feel towards my husband when he bit his nails or stomped around the house. But the worst part was that it all felt as if this was happening to me and that this was everyone else’s fault, that I had no control. I would think, if everyone could just be quiet, my life would be perfect.

    It was time for action. My Misophonia was affecting my personal life in a large way. Because of me, we sold our condo and moved into the woods to get away from my triggers, and I couldn’t help but feel so guilty for changing my families lives for this thing that I couldn’t control. I didn’t know there was help for this but am I forever glad I found it. My first visit with Tom was emotional, unearthing all of my triggers which made me feel even more broken. But as always, Tom made me feel normal and always reminded me that there was help but that I had to put in the work, which I did and I still do to this day, but just not as often- maintenance work I call it. There is no lobotomy required, actually it is pretty simple, almost too simple. Retraining your brain! I love this approach. I would visualize the dendrites reforming into calmer more manageable pathways and just the thought of me taking control of this thing that I thought controlled me was pretty powerful.

    I now enter situations calm and without fear. Yes, I occasionally have triggers but I quickly squash them by using my relaxing techniques. My husband at times gets anxious, wondering what will upset me and is now pleasantly surprised when I say, what noise?
    I will forever be grateful to Tom for helping me and I am so thankful that he is here to help others in need.

    Katherine Kerner

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Misophonia Success Stories
July 5, 2022


Testimonial Video:

Review from iTunes App Store:

It actually works!! I’m finally misophonia-free after 35 years… ★★★★★
by Stuarteee – Version – 2.0 – Sep 23, 2014

Amazingly this app actually works. I’ve had misophonia for about 35 years and this is the *only* thing that has ever permanently eased it. (I’ve tried everything before – only noise-cancelling headphones playing white/pink noise helped, but that was only ‘avoidance’, not ‘cure’). I found the app to be a very useful tool to help understand my own trigger response mechanism; with very short trigger times (~200 milliseconds) I was aware of my physical reaction phase but didn’t suffer the subsequent emotional miso rage/crash. Any longer than that short duration initially triggered my full miso reaction but after only two training sessions I can listen to a sustained (‘brutal’ even) blast of my primary trigger sound with only a barely perceptible emotional reaction. Truly amazing!! Once you understand the initial physical reaction you can retrain yourself to relax. I think this is key to proper use of the app. This works because no physical reaction = no subsequent emotional miso reaction a split-second after. With the help of this app this has been the first time I have fully understood what is going on. I never even knew before that I had *any* physical reaction at all – it seemed purely emotional. Knowledge is power I guess!! Although it is still early days I feel that this app has already cured me of this devastating disease. For example I’ve noticed that out in public is now a pleasure rather than the living hell that it always has been previously… Many many thanks to the developers for creating such an incredibly useful tool!!

Here is a review from Google Plus:

My life is changed forever. I finally have control over my own suffering. Finding this app has been a complete miracle. Misophonia was ruining my life to the point where I couldn’t stay in classes or couldn’t concentrate because of the noises, and decided to go to Tom Dozier for help. After just two treatment sessions using the app, I could stand being around my mother while we ate (chewing and spoons on porcelain were some of my biggest triggers). Treatment for me worked very fast and I am excited to continue to eliminate other triggers. While I cannot completely eliminate reactions in real life, I barely react to the trigger. At least not with the rage I used to. The only thing that wasn’t perfect was the interface. I have a Droid Razr M, and I had a lot of trouble at first syncing my music and recorded triggers on to my phone (I ended up using an app called Synctunes). Also it seems like the TriggerTamer App only plays mp3 audio files, which is a bit annoying since most purchased iTunes music come in m4a files. I had to convert any file I wanted to put on the app. A multi-step process, but well worth it to finally be free of the terrible dysfunction I was living with. Don’t suffer any more. If you have misophonia, you need to try this app. (By Mimi G)
* Unsolicited testimonial from a former client of Tom Dozier.  Tom provided behavioral consultation for misophonia for this individual.

This is an email from one of the first people to buy the app.

“Hi Tom,

“I have some excellent news. I’ve been doing my working with the app every day since I believe last Saturday or Sunday [about 10 days]. At least an hour each session. If I’m feeling good I can do 3 hours or so while I’m at work. I was gradually increasing volume, frequency and length of the trigger sound (sniffling). Today I had a conversation with my roommate and partway through I realized he was sniffling and I was having no physical reflex. I then began focusing on the sound as if part of me knew something was supposed to happen but I had no negative feelings each time I heard the sound.”

“Thank you so much. I’m not finished the treatment, but I already feel so much better. This is a big deal for me. Misophonia plagued me every day and I finally feel hopeful that I might rid myself of some of the worst reactions. To simply not like the sound versus despising the sound is a massive relief.”

UPDATE (after another 10 days):

“Good Day Tom,

“I have been working on crunching now and I have definitely noticed a sensitivity decrease. I even have noticed an anxiety decrease when I know I might hear the trigger. I’ve realized I still really dislike the sound but I can handle it much better. Just the decrease in anxiety has been great.

“I wish I had one of the newer iPads with a microphone so I could record other triggers.
“Overall it’s been great and I really enjoy and look forward to doing my treatments.”
*Unsolicited testimonial from a former client.  Tom provided behavioral consultation for misophonia for this individual.


 Comments about Working with Tom Dozier

I would like to say thank you to Tom Dozier for working with me for the past several week with my misophonia. I have found that through several discussions on the workings of the brain, and body during a misophonic event that I have been able to approach myself in healthier ways. Tom has shared with me different coping mechanisms not only in regards to a trigger, but in my relationships with other people, and how to approach uncomfortable encounters during a trigger.

While I have found some difficulty in finding time to use the Trigger Tamer app, a tool used in the miso treatment, I have also found that the conditioning from the amount that I have used it, in conjunction with the talks, perception shifts, education, and good communication has resulted in some positive changes for me.

I rarely feel the rage during a trigger now. I still do experience triggers, and yes at times they are intense, but the emotional component is far more manageable than it was before. It feels like the rage has calmed, and now I have mostly fear/panic/anxiety.

One helpful tip Tom gave me that I can think of is changing my language. A sound, or image does not enrage me; it triggers me. A trigger is not the same as being enraged. Thank you again!

Also, I maintain what I always say, good diet is better for us as well. Qi Gong, Thai Chi, other Martial Arts, Yoga, nature….all very good for us.
* Solicited comment from a former client of Tom Dozier.  Tom provided behavioral consultation for this individual.