I’m Ken, the father of

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April 2, 2023
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May 3, 2023

I’m Ken, the father of

I’m Ken, the father of a young man that suffers from chronic Misophonia. I divorced, while fighting in Iraq and the separation didn’t let me see the signs developing. It all got worse and once I retired and spent longer time with him, I realized that it was a very severe problem. I researched for weeks calling places and the only one that fit my son’s needs was this institute. Buying Tom’s book and always having such a personalized response, gave me the confidence to trust him with my son’s therapy. Knowing the cause of his problem after so many misdiagnoses and the drugs associated with them, provided us immediate relief, and the therapy is still helping him. Even when he doesn’t have appointments, he now practices what he was taught and living a much better life. My son is still challenged by the sound, but he now has much better coping mechanisms to keep improving. I’m very grateful for Tom’s passion to help families with these challenges, especially dealing with a rare condition like Misophonia. I’m sadden by the thought of friends and families struggling to understand such difficult behavior.

Kenneth Agueda

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