I discovered that I had

Tom Dozier diagnosed my daughter
September 21, 2023
My son suffered from misophonia
December 14, 2023

I discovered that I had

I discovered that I had this disorder (from thankfully spotting an article title one morning) and wasn’t simply a ‘noise sensitive’ neurotic at the tender age of 61. Speaking with Tom Dozier offered me the emotional validation and intellectual relief in providing a name to this disorder. It also allowed me to be kinder to myself and release all the negative self talk. I’m not the easily irritated, high-riding bitch I’ve always told myself I was because I could not tolerate particular sounds. It also helped me to understand, and forgive, my father’s near-constant irritation as I believe, he too, suffered from this disorder. I wish I knew of this years ago.

Susan Bakley Coxe

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