I contacted Tom in 2016

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August 3, 2023
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August 8, 2023

I contacted Tom in 2016

I contacted Tom in 2016 to help me with Misophonia. I was 36 yrs old at the time. I have suffered from Misophonia since I was 5 year old child.

We scheduled a 1 hour initial evaluation. In the evaluation we went through a series of questions. He explained the science so clearly about how the amygdala (reptile brain) physically triggers pain within 1/2 second of hearing/seeing a trigger and then the emotional upheaval follows the physical trigger.

He asked me if I knew where my physical reflex was, which I had a good idea where it was on my body, but we tested it using an app that he developed to help people find their physical triggers.

Once I understand the above, I was able to practice relaxing before and during a trigger. Within days my painful reflex was not as painful and slowly started to go away. It’s been 8 years since I am worked with Tom the first time. I do check in with him from time to time, but I have found no other treatment or person who understands misophonia better than he does.

I recommend Tom to anyone I meet who has misophonia and looking for a real treatment option.


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