First of all, thanks for

Tom is a bright, friendly
August 3, 2023
I contacted Tom in 2016
August 3, 2023

First of all, thanks for

First of all, thanks for your attention when I needed the most. Thanks also for offering affordable options for people with financial difficulty.
In the end, I realized I needed a psychiatric help to help me cope with all the physical problems that had developed in my body and mind during those 20 years. Still, during this time, your book helped me! I was doing all I could to improve! I was really really down, probably the most challenging time of my life.
Now, 4 years later, I´m decreasing my medicine by 70%, I changed my whole lifestyle, job, house, everything. I spend the last 3 years with weekly psychological therapy, and also using the methods I´ve learned either with your book or in other therapies, and I´m much better!
Unfortunately, it´s not something that we can improve fast, and it changes so much for each person.
I have met many people during this period that manage to improve or even heal with different techniques, but that doesn’t necessarily work for me. So it requires lots of patience!

Anyway, thanks so much Tom, especially for caring about us. That´s the hardest thing to find in the process. People who genuinely care about our condition.
Thanks for dedicating yourself with your heart to that cause (it´s noticeable you do it with your heart!).

Greetings from Italy.

Julia Bertoncello Ferreira Lima

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