Back in 2017 I was

I didn’t even know misophonia
March 12, 2023
We started seeing Tom after
March 14, 2023

Back in 2017 I was

Back in 2017 I was desperately searching for someone who understood, AND could treat, my then 27yo son with Misophonia, along with other co-occuring disorders.
My son was violent towards me and there was absolutely no-one who understood. Tom was my miracle. He was knowledgeable, professional, patient, and willing to do whatever it took to help us. He treated my son, while providing coaching for me, and during those online sessions, we both learned methods to control the outbursts and make life easier for us to co-exist. He was very creative in his methods which took on a new way of life for both of us. I will be forever grateful for his support and am confident that Misophonia is one step closer to being a household name and successfully treated because of his unrelenting dedication.


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