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All services can be provided remotely by phone or internet (except for PRT treatment).

Misophonia Assessment and Management

Although misophonia appears to be very similar for everyone, there are large differences from person to person.  An assessment includes determining your particular misophonic reflex, which can determine options for treatment and management.  Also, some individuals are a Highly Sensitive Person.  In this case, it is not just the misophonic reflex that must be managed.  The person must also contend with a biological make-up which responds to all kinds of stimuli in the environment.

Based on the assessment, there are several management techniques that reduce the impact of misophonia on a person’s life and minimizes picking up new triggers.   Which ones will help you depend on your personal misophonia and your preferences.  Tom Dozier can help you understand the options and which ones will work best for you.  Tom can also help you use the available technology to reduce the impact on misophonia on your life.

Assessment and Management can usually be covered in one session (50 minutes) if you watch the videos on misophonia.  The cost for this is $100.  If you do not watch the videos, it usually takes 1.5 sessions ($150).

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Diagnosis and Accommodation Letter for a 504 Plan or Americans with Disabilities Act

Children with misophonia can often benefit from a 504 plan for school.  Does your child have one? If their misophonia affects them at school, then a 504 plan will give you legal rights to advocate for accommodations for your child. See this link about 504 plans.

A key phrase from this page is, “504 plans are developed by school teams and parents to support the educational needs of a K–12 student with a disability that “substantially limits one or more major life activity” such as: learning, speaking, listening, reading, writing, concentrating, caring for oneself, etc.”  Misophonia definitely causes problems with concentrating.

Do you need some accommodation in your workplace, or university?  The Americans with Disabilities Act requires employers to make accommodations for your disability.  Misophonia is a disability, in that it impacts your ability to work under certain conditions, and it impacts your ability to be productive in the workplace.

If you just want a custom letter that explains how misophonia meets the criteria of the ADA, this can be provided.  If you need an official diagnosis, we can help you locate someone to provide this.

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Neural Repatterning Technique Treatment and Trigger Tamer App

The NRT treatment allows you to slowly change the neural “wiring” in your Autonomic Nervous System, thus reducing the misophonic response to the trigger.  This treatment is primarily performed as homework using the Trigger Tamer app.  Tom can guide you through this process, so that you can achieve a meaningful reduction in your reaction to specific triggers.  Tom is also happy to provide one-time help to get you started.  This treatment usually costs $200 to get you started.  Then, the cost can be as low as $25 per week.  You can decide whether you want a brief, guidance session for $25 or take time to talk about treatment plus other misophonia issues.

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Parent Coaching

Especially for pre-teen children, parenting methods can have a large impact on the behavior of the child.  The behavioral parenting skills taught by Tom Dozier can produce quick change that converts into deep, long-lasting character change.  It is important to address behavior and emotional problems as part of the misophonia management and treatment plan.  If behavior and emotional problems are not addressed prior to treatment, they can cause problems during treatment and contribute to a relapse in misophonia symptoms after treatment.  The cost is $100 per 50-minute session.  There is a 20% discount for a 10-session package.

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The cost for the above services by Tom Dozier (excluding PRT) is $100 per session (50 minutes) and is generally charged in tenth or quarter session increments.  All services by Tom Dozier are provide with a satisfaction or money back guarantee.  Tom has a sliding scale rate based on ability to pay.

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