PC-Mac Misophonia Trigger Tamer

It’s here!  The Misophonia Trigger Tamer is now available on your PC or Mac.

The Trigger Tamer can run in background while you watch YouTube videos or play video games.  Occasionally (as you determine) the program will play a modified audio trigger.  Because you can make the trigger short and soft, you will not have a typical misophonic response.  It will be so short and mild that it will not cause the normal (horrible) misophonic emotions.

The Misophonia Trigger Tamer is for wimps, and the wimpiest of all misophonia sufferers.  This is not a “tough guy” treatment, or as we would say in Texas, you need to “cowboy up” (get tough) and do it.

You can set the trigger so your brain barely responds, and the response ends immediately when the trigger ends.

Modes of use:

  1. You can create a playlist of your relaxing or exciting songs, and enjoy that music.  Intermittently you will hear a weak trigger.
  2. You can watch YouTube videos or Netflix.  In this mode, you do not have a music playlist for the Trigger Tamer.  The Trigger Tamer will intermittently play a weak trigger, as you specify.
  3. You can play video games and let the Trigger Tamer run in background (the same as with videos).  This mode is likely preferred by children who love video games.

Because you are happy and your response ends when the trigger ends, your Lizard Brain can slowly reduce and stop responding to that specific trigger.  The Misophonia Trigger Tamer is for specific triggers by specific individuals.  For example, this may be good for a child who it triggered to the voice of a parent, or if you are triggered to the snoring of your partner.

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The program has several screens as shown below.

  1. Opening Page – You will create your username, and your playlists, triggers, and history will be kept for you.  This way, more than one person can use the Trigger Tamer on a single computer.

2. The Settings page allows you to set specific parameters for your use of the app.

3. The Playlist page allows you to select the playlist you want to use for your session, create new playlists, and edit existing playlists.

4. The Triggerlist page allows you to select the trigger you want to use for a session, define a trigger, and edit the trigger definition.

5. The Trigger Creator page allows you to connect a trigger file with the name and description you want to give it.

[Note that the “Start” time feature shown below does not work.  If you need to edit the trigger file so that there is no silence before the trigger, you can do this with a free audio editor you your computer.]

6. The Happy Time page (session page) allows you to control the playlist volume, trigger volume, trigger duration, and time between triggers.  It is your job to keep the triggers weak, so that this activity is truly HAPPY TIME.  If it is not happy time, then it is unlikely to help you and it is no fun!

7. History page.  The app keeps a record of sessions for each user.  The data is stored if a file that can be easily mailed to your treatment professional.  The file is History.tsv (tab separated value file) and it is located in your TriggerTamerData/username folder.

8. The Help button links you to webpage https://misophoniatreatment.com/jtthelp/


System Requirements:

  1. Screen resolution must be 1024×768 or better.
  2. Java 8 or higher must be installed on the computer.

Note that the PC-Mac Misophonia Trigger Tamer is written in Java, and as such it is not “installed” on the computer like many programs.  The file is TriggerTamer.jar and when clicked (or double-clicked) it will open the Trigger Tamer program.  This program should not be downloaded from any other site due to security reasons.  Java programs can contain malicious code, so they should only be downloaded from a known, safe, source (which is here only).

In cases of financial hardship:

If you cannot afford the cost of this program, you can request a free or reduced copy of the PC-Mac Trigger Tamer, or the Misophonia Trigger Tamer for iPhone or Android by emailing tom@misophoniatreatment.com.  You will be asked to do some homework that will make the treatment more likely to succeed and to demonstrate your commitment to reducing your misophonia severity.