Sequent Repatterning Hypnotherapists

Sequent Repatterning appears to be a new breakthrough in misophonia treatment using hypnosis.  This was developed by Chris Pearson of Upton, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom.  Hypnotherapists have tried a single step treatment without reported success.  (At least we have no reports of lasting positive effects.)  Even multiple treatment programs were simply repeating the single hypnotic suggestion, such as, “I remain calm when I hear chewing.”

The Misophonia Treatment Institute had the inaugural SRT training class on June 14th, 2015 and Mags Booth became the second Sequent Repatterning hypnotherpist.  We welcome Mags and expect she will be able to help many individuals with misophonia.

Since then, Désirée Vogelers in The Netherlands competed her training and in November, 2015, Tara Economakis completed her training.  Morven Surmon completed her training in October, 2016 and her certification in February 2017.  Morven has a family member with misophonia, and is intimately familiar with misophonia.  See the treatment provider directory for more trained hypnotherapists.