Life With Misophonia
September 16, 2016
Behavior Modification as Misophonia Treatment for Children
September 30, 2016

Here are some comments from a spouse living with a misophone.  Misophonia is horrible for the individual, but also a big problem for family members.

“I am married to a Misophone, we have four children together. Misophonia is so hard to live with, it’s a all consuming. I stress myself all the time trying to make our living space as workable for my husband as possible, I know that he doesn’t want me to stress about it, but I love him, I don’t want him living in a place he’s uncomfortable you know? That and the fact that I don’t want myself or our children to have a grumpy husband/dad!! I hate how it affects our children as well, we will never have a traditional family dinner, the kids have to constantly remain quiet in their own house, not to mention, never bounce a ball or do activities that all children should do when he’s at home. Whenever we have guests I’m always playing the go between, such as at dinner time so that my husband doesn’t get stressed. It has completely changed my life and I have noticed that it affects me outside of the home as well now. If i’m around other people when I’m out, I automatically seem to think that one of them will have Misophonia and I start trying to do the same things that I do at home, I can’t eat around others anymore as I’m worried that I’m being ‘too loud’ for someone in the room and as I know how difficult Misophonia is to live with, the last thing I want to do is make Misophones uncomfortable! I’ve also noticed that my children seem to pick up on it too. My son will now get angry at his sisters whenever they do something which is a trigger for my husband. Not because it affects my son, but because he knows that his dad will get angry if he hears it and he doesn’t want that. Misophonia rules the household, every decision, every action anyone in our house makes revolves around Misophonia. It’s life changing.”

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