• Success Stories
    Success Stories Read about people who have overcome their misophonia. This could be you!
  • Facebook Support Group (click here)
    Facebook Support Group (click here) Join Misophonia Treatment and Management group. This is a closed group to discuss misophonia and support each other through this life challenge. This is a positive (no ranting) support group.
  • What is Misophonia? (click here to see)
    What is Misophonia? (click here to see) Watch this video and hear a clear definition of what misophonia is and is not.
  • Treatments for Misophonia
    Treatments for Misophonia There are treatment options for misophonia. Read about them on the Treatment Options page.
  • Misophonia is an involuntary reflex
    Misophonia is an involuntary reflex With misophonia, anger is not a choice. The reaction is jerked out of the person by the sound. Anger, hate, rage, and disgust are common INVOLUNTARY emotional reactions.

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